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Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Bad days at work

This 2 days was not a gd day at work. quarrel lah, scold lah this and that.. Finally settled it.. Hopefully tml will be a peaceful and nice day.. Go away u baddie..

Was applying my marriage leave for my korea trip today and saw that i still have 25 days of annual leave. Of which, i can only carry forward 12 days. oh man...Which means i need to clear 13 days! omg.. if there is no holidays, my leave will go to waste..

So there is a pushing factor to plan for more things.. hmm bangkok and hua hin starts to come into my mind...

Maybe should plan for a bangkok weekend shopping and eating trip then go hua hin to relax for a few days! Just check out the rates and the non-peak is from April till end oct.. Hotels are half price! hmm my bday???? or end oct???

Got to do more research on Hua hin and look out for budget airlines now.. HEHEHHEHEE

Want to travel cheap?? book budget airlines WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY in advance.

must go do some chanting to dear dear today HAHAHAHHAA but my dear dun have much leaves.. HOW HOW HOWWWWWW

you make my life perfect-`
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Monday, March 02, 2009
After so long...

Have not been blogging for the longest time.

Life has been great after marriage. Back to our usual weekends where we do not need to plan marriage stuff. Got more time for ourselves.. More time for shopping and food! hehe..

Hehe.. This year didn’t really set any new year resolution. But hey.. I’m GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!

So excited over school. Going to register this weekend. I hope I can do well and be hardworking. I aim to get colouful results. Hopefully this passion can last me 2.5 years. I really want to make it!

Thinking back now, really regretted not doing well during poly. Now when I take out my transcript and take a look, I really wonder what happened during poly. My results suxs and I dun want to repeat this.

So Amy will study hard for her degree hehee…. It will be a passion and hoping if there is rewards if I do well.. must go find some sponsorship for rewards… **blink blink** HAHAHA

Recently there isn’t much of updates. Economy is badly shaped. Business is no good. Very quiet. Work is not as busy as compared to last year. This is a bad sign.. there may be retrenchment in my company since there is a merger going on.

Lets hope I wont be the unlucky one.. :(

Just went Natas last weekend and finally booked our long planned trip to KOREA!
We are going on a tour with SA. Hopefully, it’s a gd tour and happy trip. ;)

Have not gone anywhere since June 2008 – Langkawi…. Its almost a year man! Need to start saving up now. Times are bad.. anything can happen.. got to spend wisely!

Stay updated! Will try to blog regularly.

you make my life perfect-`
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
I just cant wait!

Been a long time since i posted.
Been REALLY busy with wedding prepration and work and tons and tons of rubbish.
i have to finalise the wedding albums.
i have to choose actual day gowns
i have to send all wedding cards
i have to confirm whose coming
i have to talk to my makeup and do the trial
i have to touchup and cut my hair
i have to do regular mask to improve my skin(but dun seems to be working)
i have to plan my table layouts
i have to plan the schedule
i have to plan who to coordinate
i have to talk to my mother and convince her that we dun need these and that
i have to order red wine
i have to order buffet (which emi help to order! thankie!)
i have to choose songs for march in
i have to send photos to my BS to do up the montage..
i have to do lots and lots and lots of things LAH

actually is not I but is both my BF and ME LAH...
but we are both very tired and almost going to breakdown already.. so we really cant wait to get this over man...

We have not gone shopping for MONTHS
we have not slack on our weekends for MONTHS
we have not watch movie for MONTHS
we have not travel for MONTHS!

I really cant wait to get over with the wedding and enjoy my carefree weekends.. enjoy my stressfree taskes.. heee

So if u want to get married, pls either dun work... or plan way way wayyyyyyyyyy in advance..
dun be like me so lazy.. wait till the very last minute!

But its actually a very enjoyable process that u spend with ur bf.....

Got lots of photos but lazy to blog.. maybe after my Wedding !!!

you make my life perfect-`
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Monday, July 28, 2008
28th July 2008, Monday, Sunny

Today is Monday.. I hate mondays cos its the start of the week.
Been busy last weekend.. Went to search for our idea sofa. but luck isn't on our side.. We have seen 2-3 nice and idea one but till now i still do not know what i want.. Dunno leather better or fabric.. Actually like quite like 1 set of fabric but dunno it will last a not.. then dunno want to buy those standard L shape or buy those square square to form a L then on and off can change the L shape to non- L shape kind.. haiz..

Luckily, yday brought the fridge and washing machine already. Actually wanted to move the current one over since both is gd and working.. and clean but my mum wants a new one.. and since she say she sponcer.. i dun mind lor.. aunty.. love new kitchen stuff.. what to do.. i find my current fridge gd enough but she dun like..

This friday is our photoshoot.. kinda excited and worried.. excited cos its our photoshoot. worried cos i am afraid that the pictures will turn out fat and ugly. :(
pls bless me with gd weather for my outdoor PS and plssssssssssssssss let my photos turn out nicely.

plsssssss pls pls plssssssssssssss x1000000000000000000000000000 times

you make my life perfect-`
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Friday, July 25, 2008
25th July 2008, Friday, Rainy day

Today, i felt as if i am at Genting or HK. Its soooooo damm cold.

Woke up in the morning and went to the customer's site for a meeting. Wow, what a long meeting. By the time we finish, 1plus 2 liao.. so went to maxwell for lunch. As usual, ate my fav wu xiang mee fen. which i think my colleague cannot understand why am i crazy over it.

I super like it lor i also dunno why.. it taste very gd.. at least to me.. After that came home. Mum was sick MC for 2 days. I told her she didn't eat enough. she ate lesser than my dog i think. the dog say she has low blood thats y will giddy.

Told her to eat more fat fat lor.. so old liao still scare of fat why my mother so hiao one..

Then rested a while went to my new hse to take a look. Surprise that my contractor worked today. He has cleanup the hse and the parquet is done up already. overall looks ok to me dunno my cat hubby can accept a not. i think only we notice until this kind of minor minor things. i dun think other people will notice it..

Feel so lazy today. Its the weather's fault again.. so cold and comfy.

Next week will be a busy week. This week i tried calling 2 companies to see if we can arrange a meetup to intro our services to them. Hope i can build new accounts and expand my account coverage. To my surprised, i call 2, both are ok to meet me.. without any specific agenda, they also want to meet me.. lucky lor. I hope after going thru with them on NCS services and products offerings, hopefully they can give me some business.

Scheduled quite alot of appointments hoping to get new accounts. hope give me some rewards man.. lol

Amy.. is trying hard to find business :)

you make my life perfect-`
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Thursday, July 24, 2008
24th June 2008, Thursday

24th June 2008, Thursday, Rainy Day..

My mood is like the weather, gloomy, moody and sian. dunno why maybe mood swing. hahaa..

Today's rain affected my feeling, my mood to work, my everything. i laze around at hm till lunch then visited my hse to take a look at the parquet but when i was there, they just started like not long ago.. wasted trip.. hope they fill up the gaps which i felt it was pretty obvious.

I find them quite rude cos they are a batch of youngsters. But they have pretty gd workmanship except for some areas which are near to the door.

I wanted to post on langkawi.. but when i open the folder, i saw 600+ pictures.. i didnt know we took so much.. so sian lazy to QC so i closed it.

I open the photobook that i am creating for my ROM pictures.. i see the photos then i am lazy to edit and design so i close it again..

I surf the internet and forums.. i find them so boring.. the questions i ask, they dun answer me but talk abt rubbish..

I surf blogs, no 1 is updating their blog..

I went to work in the afternoon, no one was really around. then i finally found someone for tea.. luckily they are around for tea then at least time passes in a faster mode.

Sat in bus, listened to mp3, then i notice howcome the songs so sad..

When i reach home, the hse is empty..

Just not my day...

you make my life perfect-`
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Rewards after a year of work

Today is officially my 1 year at NCS. Overall comment, its ok a place for me to stay for at least the next 2 years. I hope :)

Today got a letter from my boss. Its a yearly review performance letter. And since NCS has done very well last year and i was graded average, we are very well rewarded! Although i have worked 1 full calendar year but according to the financial year, April07 to april 08, i have only worked 9 mths. and my bonus is pro-rated to 3/4 year!

but i am still satisfied with my bonus and i had an increment! very gd increment for me cos they are aligning their staff's salary to the market price. hence, i got a double digit % increment. Which means to say i was underpaid when i joined them! kns cheat me!

Well, at least now they have increased and i think i will have a super hard time finding my next job!

Gd luck! I hope next year will be the same but i think hard.. heard this year's rewards is the best in history. maybe once in a lifetime? whahaha..

Oh yah updates on my hse. lights up, tml polishing parquet. in progress of retifying some of the damage tiles due to drilling of accessories. should be in time to complete next week. :)

My grandma brought a very expensive set of bedsheet set for us for our wedding. i heard its more then $200! i almost fall off the chair when i heard this.. its pink in colour! its nice and simple. but definately not worth the price. well, old people are like tat.. like to spend all their $$ and say i keep so much $$ for what. what to do.. just thank her and treat her for lunch ba! :)

Thanks grandma. i love u!

you make my life perfect-`
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